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Our main office is located at 629 South Casino Center Boulevard, Suite 1 Las Vegas NV 89101 We remain open 24 hours a day on every single day of the year including all holidays. Las Vegas Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Las Vegas

All bail bonds written in Las Vegas are restricted to certain rules set by the state of Nevada. The price you will pay for any bail bond in Nevada is always 15% of the total amount of bail. This means that every single bail agency in Las Vegas Nevada must charge the same amount of money by law. You will never pay less than 15% for a bail bond in Las Vegas. To do so would be a crime. So when you need a bail bond in Las Vegas don't waste time asking a bondman about the cost. Ask how long it will take for the bail bond to reach the jail.

Bail Bondsman Las Vegas

Not every bail bondsman in Las Vegas is the same. There can be may differences both small and large. For example, how far away the jail is the office of the bail bondsman?. Does someone from the bail bondsman's staff deliver the bond to the jail in person or do they use a courier service? Simple details like this can have a direct affect on the amount of time a person remains in jail. Our office very close to the jail and we walk every bond into the jail in order to make sure it gets exactly where it needs to go without delays of any kind.

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Our main office is located at 629 South Casino Center Boulevard, Suite 1 Las Vegas NV 89101 We remain open 24 hours a day on every single day of the year including all holidays.

Bail Bond Forms

You can download and fill out our documents in advance to save time and make the process easier.

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How Does Bail Work?

The first question often asked by those attempting to hire a bail bondsman is “How does bail work?” When someone gets arrested, a bail bond may be posted to guarantee their release from jail while awaiting trial. The bail amount is determined by the court. Usually, the crime itself has a direct affect on the bail amount. The more serious the offense, the higher the bail. Since bail is typically set at an amount which is far more than the average American can afford, defendant’s are usually financial incapable of coming up with the full bail amount. This leaves the defendant with two options. They can remain in jail until their trial or they can hire a bail bondsman who will provide the jail with a bail bond which is equivalent to the full bail amount.    
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Payment Plans Available

Here at Lightning Bail Bonds we realize that the economy still hasn't made a full recovery and times are tough for many of us. That's why we can offer a payment plans to fit just about any budget. These paument plans make it possible for people like you to get friends, family members or other loved ones out of jail "Lightning Fast". We accept cash, credit cards, checks and approved collateral. Call our Las Vegas Bail Bonds Specialists at 702-333-2663 and we’ll put together a payment plan that works for you!


Contact us on our hotline at 702-333-2663 any hour of any day. We are never unavailable. With just one call we can get all the information we need to get someone out of jail fast and without delay. We realize that every minute counts when a person you care about is behind bars and that's why we don't waste a single second. We get to work for you immediately and do everything within our power to secure a release from jail without red tape or any other interference. We are ready for your call right now. Vegas Bail | Las Vegas Bail | Inmate Search Las Vegas

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Las Vegas City Jail

Most people that get arrested in Clark County assume that they will be detained at the Las Vegas City Jail. Clark County actually has multiple jails, including City of Las Vegas Detention Center (Las Vegas City Jail), Henderson Detention Center (Henderson City Jail), Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) and North Las Vegas Detention Center (North Las Vegas City Jail). Where someone is arrested usually determines which jail they will be housed at.

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